Parenting Plans

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is creating a parenting plan.  Even in the most amiable of divorces, parents can find themselves at odds over how much time each is to spend with the children, how holidays are to be distributed between the parents, and the priorities in the child’s education.

In Connecticut, most of the standard dissolution agreement has to do with children of the marriage but, even so, only two lines are provided for a “parenting responsibility plan.”  At River Bridge Resolutions, we don’t think that’s nearly enough.

Connecticut law (Connecticut General Statute 46b-56) requires parenting arrangements following divorce to be “in the best interest of the child.”  River Bridge Resolutions will help you to develop a customized parenting plan that holds to that standard.  Some of the items we cover in developing parenting agreements include:

  • How the child’s time is divided between parents;
  • Where the child will spend holidays and days significant to each parent;
  • How variations from these schedules can be accommodated;
  • How educational decisions are to be made;
  • How religious attendance and education are to be handled;
  • How healthcare decisions should be made;
  • What happens if one parent needs to move to another state?

Each family is different, and so each parenting plan is different.  River Bridge Resolutions will help you to craft the best possible plan for your family–a plan that is your child’s best interest, that you can live with, and that the court can embrace.