Litigation is what most people think most attorneys do most of the time.  Litigation is the process through which lawsuits are brought by a plaintiff, contested by a defendant, and resolved.  At various stages, litigation may involve some mediation, arbitration, and/or negotiation (indeed, most lawsuits are in fact settled before they reach the trial stage) but, if all else fails, a judge and/or jury will decide the outcome of the case.

River Bridge Resolutions, LLC is owned and operated by an attorney, but it is not primarily a law firm, and prefers solutions that do not involve litigation.  If you haven’t already, we urge you to review our page on mediation

Nevertheless, there are times when you come to the end of alternatives, and litigation is the only option remaining.

If you approach a dispute in good faith, open to mediation and the other party refuses, if negotiation is no longer a possibility, if then you decide that you want to bring a suit, we will help you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and, if appropriate, bring a lawsuit on your behalf or recommend another attorney who can help you.

Because we strongly believe that cooperative solutions are a superior way to resolve disputes, we urge you to try those approaches first.

You should be aware that if you and another party do proceed to mediation with River Bridge Resolutions, we will be ethically barred from later acting as your lawyer in the dispute, though we may assist you in unrelated matters.

But if litigation is unavoidable, we will do our best to be your advocate.  You have our word.